Jason MacKenzie

Jason is a communications consultant and strategist, working on elections and campaigns in the UK and internationally. 

As Director of Strategic Development for College Green Group, Jason is an adviser and campaign director for politicians, political parties, governments, corporations, charities and causes.

Jason is a past-President of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR), and a Visiting Industry Fellow in Public Relations at Birmingham City University.

"Strategic insights. Focused delivery."

All campaigns comprise two distinct, essential and interwoven phases. Too often campaigns rush to action, before investing in solid thinking. Jason’s approach is deliberate and directive, ensuring clarity and efficiency.


Developing a distinct and compelling proposition, and understanding what will motivate your audiences and stakeholders is utterly indispensable. It’s always worth investing in strategy. Logic informs and inspires magic.


Campaigns should affect hearts and minds. They must generate awareness and change perceptions. They must persuade people to think differently, feel differently, and act. Relentless focus on delivery is vital.

Strategic campaigns

Creating and delivering effective integrated campaigns, including international political elections and governmental influence/persuasion projects. Co-ordinating large teams to work cohesively and impactfully.

Public relations

Working with diverse stakeholders, from corporations and private clients, to charities and causes to build and protect reputations and effect positive change.

Geopolitical influence

Consulting for governments and embassies to shape perception, strengthen relationships, influence policies and foster bilateral trade, foreign direct investment and soft power initiatives.


Jason is a multi-skilled integrated communications professional, with substantial marketing and public relations experience. These are his primary capabilities.

Campaign direction

Creating structures and delivering all elements, from strategic input to tactical delivery of ground, air and digital communications and engagement.

Strategic consultancy

Maximising performance through providing insight and (re)calibrating connections between core propositions and target audiences.

Effective communications

Crafting and deploying impactful communications, by developing engaging narratives, building messaging frameworks and ensuring consistent implementation.

Capacity building

Working with organisations to build and hone the skills and capabilities of teams: recruiting, training, mentoring and optimising performance.